10 Practical Tips for Women Facing Breast Cancer During the Holidays

by Mary Ray


Comfort food, cozy nights, friends & family, and fun times for everyone around the holidays, right? Well, maybe. The holiday season can be a double-edged sword for women facing breast cancer, whether they’re newly diagnosed, going through treatment, or even living with the fear of recurrence. On the one hand, all the preparation, planning, shopping, company parties, and family gatherings can serve as a great distraction to keep your mind off the cancer. On the other hand, it can be down right exhausting.


We asked over 2,500 women on MyBCTeam.com, a social network dedicated to women facing breast cancer, the advice they have for newly diagnosed women or those going through treatment during this holiday season. Here are the top 10 tips women on MyBCTeam shared based on their personal experiences.  If you’re a friend or family member, read on to better understand the state of mind your loved one may be going through.


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You’re not alone. Be willing to ask for help when you need it, and accept help even when you think you don’t. Consider attending a support group. There are other women who’ve been in your shoes. Ask your nurse navigator or breast care coordinator for information about local support groups that meet in person. Or find an online resource, like MyBCTeam.com to meet other women who know exactly what you’re going through.


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