2013 Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions From Women Facing Breast Cancer

Every new year, millions of Americans resolve to be better than the year before. This year, we wanted to hear unique perspectives on resolutions from women with breast cancer. We asked over 2,750 women on MyBCTeam, a social network for women facing breast cancer, what their new year’s resolution would be in 2013. Their resolutions had three themes:  healthier lifestyle habits, attitudes toward life and others, and more attention to one’s surroundings.


Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 By Women Facing Breast Cancer

  1. I will help other women who’ve been recently diagnosed.
  2. I will improve my eating habits. (ACS recommends achieving a dietary pattern that is high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains).

  3. I will find inner peace in life with, or after, breast cancer.
  4. I will incorporate exercise into my daily habit.

    (ACS recommends 150 minutes of exercise/week)

  5. I will not worry about the little things.
  6. I will understand and remove stressors from my life.
  7. I will be a part of a strong social network for emotional, social, and informational support.

    (New research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology indicates that having a strong social support system in the first year following a breast cancer diagnosis can mean a higher survival rate and reduced chance for cancer recurrence.)

  8. I will stop to ‘smell the roses’ more.
  9. I will focus on creating a happy home life.
  10. I will advocate for issues surrounding breast cancer.

While you can’t really control illness, many of the resolutions above are certainly ones to help women regain a personal sense of control over their lives after cancer. Are you a woman who is facing breast cancer in 2013, or who did in 2012? Do you have a new year’s resolution this year? Is it listed above? If not, what is it? Share it with others on www.MyBCTeam.com today.


10 thoughts on “2013 Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions From Women Facing Breast Cancer

  1. All of the above!!! Continue to try to stay positive no matter what comes my way! If I can try to do most of the things on this list most days – I will remain positive and get through this one day at a time.

    1. Over the past 10 years I have been involved in my fist fight with metastatic Breast Cancer ,I have had the opportunity to perform many soul searching tours within my mind. I asked myself as I faced my own mortality what now? What came to me is that I needed to work on my acceptance of where I was at the moment. I realized that I was ok because we all will die some day and we all are promised taxes too. ”The moment I accepted the fact that someday we will all die…was the moment I truly began to live!” It was like a great load had been taken off my shoulders 🙂 But I knew I had to reframe some of the way I lived my life. I had to stop myself from saying “What if??” because these were things I could never change. I began to train my mind to live in each and every moment of the day with no stress of the future!
      I have to say It has been wonderful not having to hold beach balls under water so I could control my life. Because I can’t!! But I can make each and every moment of my life special.
      It has been such an Epihany and so wonderful I never want to go back to my old mind set. I’m having a ball 🙂 And I want the same for 2013. It is not hard to do but you have to really want to be free.. and I am. Happy New Year to all my wonderful friends ..Andrea Kosciusko

  2. I will make it my mission in 2013 to inform women that 30% of all breast cancer patients diagnosed and treated in early stages will develop Stage 4 breast cancer at some time in the future. There is no cure for Stage 4 breast cancer. Most breast cancer support and awareness organizations spend very little on finding a cure. Awareness is good, a cure is better. I was diagnosed in 1996 with Stage 2 breast cancer, 0 lymph nodes involved and was treated with a mastectomy. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 or metastatic breast cancer. There are no Pink Ribbons for patients like me. Please urge the organizations you support to spend your donated dollars on finding a cure. The life you save could be your own.

  3. We may haveZero inco0me! b ut I’m still here living on Love & a Prayer.. Living to love another day. With the scars to Prove it!!

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