Meet New MyBCTeam Partner: SHARE


MyBCTeam recently kick-off a partnership with nonprofit SHARE and we couldn’t be more excited. In the below post by Christine Benjamin, SHARE Breast Cancer Program Director, she highlights the various services of SHARE and what makes the organization so special.

Hearing the dreaded words, “You have breast cancer,” can be shocking for people. But getting the diagnosis is just the beginning. Facing breast cancer is a process that may include finding doctors, making treatment decisions, telling family members, and enduring the side effects of treatment. And feelings of loss, sadness, and fear often accompany these stages.

Through it all, SHARE is there for you. Just call our toll-free helpline at 866-891-2392, and you’ll talk to women who’ve had breast cancer and who’ve been trained to offer support. We know what it’s like to go through every stage of this process.  We’ll be here for you throughout your entire journey, or just for one call — whatever level of support you need.

SHARE’s Helpline is available to women around the country who have questions, need to work through their feelings with someone who knows what it’s like to face breast cancer, or just want someone who’ll listen. Here are just a few of the things you can ask SHARE when you call our Helpline.

  • What are my options for reconstruction?
  • Where can I find a support group?
  • How do I find clinical trials?
  • How do I learn about complementary therapies?
  • Where can I get a wig?
  • Where do I get a mammogram?
  • (check out Megan’s blog post for more things you can ask SHARE’s Helpline volunteers)

If you’re living with metastatic breast cancer, SHARE offers support to meet your unique needs. Learn more about metastatic breast cancer support at SHARE here.

Additionally, SHARE will connect you with resources that are available no matter where you live — including great website content on cutting edge research and treatment issues and webinars on issues that matter to women with breast cancer.

So please make SHARE a part of your team to fight breast cancer. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

One thought on “Meet New MyBCTeam Partner: SHARE

  1. Glad to see this blog/team out there to help.
    I am an early stage bc cancer survivor. 2006-Stage 0 DCIS. I was just coming up on the 5 yr mark when I was dx’ed last year this time with Stage IV Carcinoid Cancer.
    Awareness, support, and love are the things that get us through it all.
    Though I have a blog here (Beyond Life’s Challenges, I’m going to check out to see if there is a MyCarcinoidTeam or ZebraTeam.
    Thank you for maintaining this blog. Your heart is showing!

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