Learn Why You Should Know NAPBC

NAPBC logo - Color Registered

At MyBCTeam we are driven by our mission is to make it easy to find the best people around you to help, and to empower you through quality connections, information, and support. As part of that mission, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). NAPBC identifies and recognizes breast centers that provide quality breast cancer care. Together, NAPBC and MyBCTeam are committed to our mutual goal of making it easier for women to find the best breast care team around them for help.

Receiving care at an NAPBC accredited breast center ensures that you will receive:

  • A multidisciplinary, team approach to coordinate the best care and treatment options available for you.
  • Access to breast cancer-related information, education, and support.
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of your care.
  • Information about clinical trials and new treatment options.
  • Breast cancer data collection and monitoring of quality indicators for all subspecialties involved in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

You can be confident that your breast care team includes health care professionals from a variety of disciplines who are committed to working together to provide you with the best care available.

NAPBC accreditation is granted only to those centers that voluntarily commit to providing the best possible care to patients. Each breast center undergoes a rigorous evaluation and review of its performance. To maintain accreditation, centers must monitor compliance with the NAPBC Standards and undergo an on-site review every three years.

Is your breast center NAPBC accredited? To find out click here. To join MyBCTeam, visit www.mybcteam.com.


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